Did you know your sense of smell may be a better memory trigger than your sense of sight?

We do! That's one of the inspirations behind why we created Fresh Steeped. The aromas of fresh oranges, lavender, or even the humidity of the summer sun have a special place in our hearts and we're pretty sure yours too if you think about it. Our goal is to help you recall those favorite memories while creating new ones that will last a lifetime, all through a cup of tea.

We like to say that Fresh Steeped is your neighborhood tea shop, the tea shop near you; we just happen to be located right inside your computer. From selecting the perfect tea for a first tea party or helping a longtime tea lover find a new favorite, every tea offered by Fresh Steeped is one that we’d proudly serve to our friends and family. And every item included in a Fresh Steeped package has been personally sampled, selected, and hand-packed just for you. 

Fresh Steeped is a family-owned and operated small business based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was created by bringing together our loves of travel and creating memories into teas with strong flavor profiles. Along the way, we discovered we really like this and have made unsweet tea into our family's drink of choice (after water!)

Our mission is to provide flavorful, premium loose leaf tea inspired by the diversity and passion of experiences discovered when traveling around the world. We encourage you to take a journey with each cup of tea and #EnjoyFreshSteeped.

Behind the website, I’m Kendra, a lover of flavors and drinks, a daughter, wife, mother, mimi to an awesome baby girl!, small business owner, traveler, and tea sommelier-in-training. I love a good tea party and celebrating with friends. I began thinking about Fresh Steeped as a business in 2017 after sourcing teas for our sister business, Heritage Tea House. 

With every new sourcing and blending adventure, I was excited to share my discoveries. I started on my tea sommelier training with the World Tea Academy because I wanted to learn even more and be as knowledgeable as I can about the world of tea. While Heritage is now Heritage Tea and Beverages, I never lost my passion for sharing quality loose leaf teas with friends.

In 2021, FreshSteeped.com was officially launched. In addition to the Fresh Steeped Shop, we also have the Fresh Steeped Subscription Box, where you can buy monthly subscriptions of unique and exclusive blends delivered direct to your door each month. 

I love to talk tea (and just generally talk). Are you interested in tea tastings, custom blends, gift boxes or anything else? Send me an email and I’d love to schedule a time to talk with you.